Ann Arbor Sun, #23, Jan. 17-30, 1972

Ann Arbor, MI: Rainbow People's Party, 1971. 16p., folded tabloid, illus., paper somewhat browned, edges frayed, closed tear at fold on one page.

In Spring 1971, the White Panther Party changed its name to the Rainbow People's Party, and shifted its publishing efforts from the tabloid Sundance to the more local-oriented Ann Arbor Sun. This issue has a 2-page statement of the Central Committee of the RPP with a large photo of John Sinclair surrounded by stoned cohorts brandishing joints. Main feature is "We are a People!" a late-in-the-day 7-page essay by Sinclair affirming the revolutionary status of the rapidly fading counterculture. Also: a description of a course on 'community control of prisons' to be taught by Sinclair, announcement of the launching of the Conspiracy co-op conffeehouse, other material re Michigan prisons, various news items, and ads of the era.

Cat.No: 157865

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