Eizu kara katei o mamoru [Protect your household from AIDS]. Tomio Suda.

Eizu kara katei o mamoru [Protect your household from AIDS]

Tokyo: Happo Shuppan, 1987. Paperback. 111p., text in Japanese, illustrations, very good third printing pocketbook format in pink wraps.

Targeted at female home-makers in Japan, aims to answer questions such as what is the nature of AIDS, how is AIDS transmitted, how you can disinfect your home, etc. In a chapter on the AIDS situation in Japan, a list of all reported AIDS cases is given with individual PWAs' ages, cities of residence, etc. In the final chapter of advice, the housewife is encouraged to not associate with "dubious" groups like male homosexuals or go where such dubious individuals might congregate. One should not allow one's husband to go to "dubious" places and should make sure to have an intimate conjugal life with him to prevent him from straying. Information about HIV testing, local health centers etc. provided at end.

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ISBN: 4893720015

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