Ikinuite aishitai [I want to live on and love]. Murao Kusabuse.

Ikinuite aishitai [I want to live on and love]

Fukuoka: Shiranui Shobo, 1996. Paperback. 279p., text in Japanese, very good in decorative wraps.

The author, a hemophiliac, contracted HIV in 1984 from a contaminated blood transfusion (imported blood products untreated by heat). He learned that he had contracted AIDS in 1987, and died in 1996. The book is written as a series of essays covering his various experiences with the disease, focusing particular attention on his participation in litigation against pharmaceutical companies and in hearings on the iatrogenic AIDS scandal in 1996. It discusses AIDS care in Japan and various forms of discrimination and prejudice confronting those with HIV.

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ISBN: 4883450929

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