Nixon, Reagan and Stephen King linked to John Lennon's murder new evidence reveals, [title from accompanying flyer, this lacking], an in depth presentation of the better portions of evidence, and how I came to stumble onto the evidence in the first place [opening lines of text]

[Bay Area]: [author], 1983. 20 leaves, reproduced from typescript with pages arranged side-by-side on oblong standard leaves (slightly reduced by author/printer), corner-stapled. The missing flyer, which we have had, bears the copyright date. Swiped newsclip images throughout. Staple begun to rust faintly. Fascicle is very good, as purchased from the compiler author.

Starts, "MY TWENTY MINUTE EVIDENCE PRESENTATION ON THE SIX O'CLOCK NEWS," and notes a previous year's treatment of related material entitled "Everybody's business: who shot John Lennon? @ Steve Lightfoot 1982". Continues: "Citizens of Berkeley and San Francisco probably recognize me as the man who has been trying to expose new evidence in the John Lennon murder case that allegedly links Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and horror fiction writer Stephen King to the Crime, contrary to the origional [sic] news reports six years ago about a lone assassin [sic]. Recently People magazine has been printing stories about Lennon's killer, portraying Mark David Chapman, who alledgedly shot John in the back with bullets while he was returning to his New York apartment building, as one who is perhaps more insane than origionally thought. Before I continue I would like to say that the People magazine feature is pure coverup fiction" --texts here draw author's case from a correct reading of media cues (Table of Contents sequence, for example), the text mostly collaged news-bytes with minimal Lightfoot commentary, and very extensive footnotes. Lightfoot is most candid in these "footnotes" and offers nutshell reviews of movie treatments of the King novels ("Cujo," "Creepshow") to telling effect. "Cujo is brought down with a handgun, but not before the traumatic events in the movie leave the boy emotionally harmed"

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