The Rather narrative, is Dan Rather the JFK conspiracy's San Andreas Fault?

Barrington, RI: Distributed by: Barbara Books for the author, November 1990. v, 237p., sloppy typescript xeroxed two to a page, versos blank, standard leaves side-stapled oblong.

Vita is worth quoting fully (photo accompanies , think Lenin going to a party as Wyatt Earp), Evans' name conspicuously in quotes: "'Monte Evans' is forty years old. He researched JFK's assassination site five times in the 1960s, and has pursued leads in 30-odd American states, Canada, Mexico and Vietnam. In 1977 he submitted his 'quadrilateral conspiracy thesis' of that murder. It maintained that JFK had been slain by the corporate criminal syndicate acting in concert with dispossessed elements of CIA, a hosting Texas oil oligarchy, and a renegade faction of Dixie-jingoistic Pentagon brass. Mr. Evans [drops quotemarks] resides in Rhode Island with his wife, a school-teacher. His son is an executive in the life insurance industry, a commmodity that Mr. Evans invests heavily in." His style is a little klunky, but he shows some fine turns of phrase ( the "dispossessed elements of CIA and a hosting" &c) I just wish he wouldn't call it quadrilateral.

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