Mind control newsletter. Psychorientology - the science of tomorrow - today! since 1944. Special issue

Laredo: Institute of Psychorientology, Inc. [packet, 1969-1971]. [This "special issue" appears to be a loose collection of texts, no table of contents, is accompanied by numerous holograph notes.] Folio cover leaf folded to quarto and printed as a four-page info guide (uplift, text of Desiderata, course offerings), this enclosing approx 25 recto-only leaves variously stapled, find mimeo'd essays, printed articles and two mimeo'd exam sheets: one lists questions to be proposed on an open exam, "You may use any written materials", the other a filled-in true/false three-pager. In addition, find enclosed about fifty standard leaves of lined writing paper bearing handwritten class notes, mostly verso and recto both, pencil and ink, all in the same mature slightly illegible hand. NB, these fifty leaves (80-some pages) are not easily read, but neat enough and probably legible after acquaintance is made. These classnotes are likewise stapled into fascicles, thus navigable. Minor edgewear, trivial aging of stock, the packet as discovered.

Issued prior to the Third Annual International Mind Control Convention, which was to be held 1972 in Mexico City. "More than 200 persons attended the Second in Laredo Texas." Closing squib on back cover: "Special daily projects for all mind control graduates: Prior to going to sleep, at your level visualize and project end results for: 1. Return of all prisoners of war. 2. Peace in VietNam. 3. MIND CONTROL taught in school systems"

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