[eponymous mini-portfolio]. Martin Silverman.

[eponymous mini-portfolio]

Kew Gardens Hills, NY: artist, n.d. [earliest 1990s]. Accordioned display booklet, 8 original black strikes on 6p. (woodcut or linocut imprints in an unknown process on whitish paper vellum), 5.5x4.5 inch grey cloth boards rather amateurishly put together, plates slightly smaller. Most plates overprinted with caption titles in minuscule. A further original print is laid down on the upper cover (ugly paste-creep), this captioned with Silverman's name in bold and his contact info below. Our best guess, a kind of 3D carte de visite self-promotion cobbled together by the artist himself, no bookbinder. Lacks any notice of limitation, no colophon, but find a swatch of paper tacked verso of one image with cover info repeated holograph in spidery india ink, probably Silverman's hand; and in another hand: "Recvd, on 6.IV. 92, receiver probably collector Ed Mycue. Condition, binder's flaws allowed, is very good.

Silverman is a visual artist who worked in bronze and in woodcuts/linocuts. Born in 1950. The first image is a scene from Brecht's "A Soldier's Song" which was published in Signal Magazine. There are advertising images, political images, and biblical images as well.

Cat.No: 154343

Price: $200.00