Prairie Fire, No. 4 (magazine)

Champaign, IL: Prairie Fire Collective, [1974]. 30p., wraps, 8.5x11 inch saddle-stitched magazine, illus., browning newsprint with some foxing on wraps and minor fraying on edge, someone's scribbled math notation below cover logo.

Late Champaign-Urbana underground publication not directly related to the Weather Underground book of the same name, though it has a news section titled "Boom Flash". Mostly local alt news along with record reviews, and part two of an interview with John Peterson, a local radical alderperson in Urbana's second ward. Report on the Alternatives conference in C-U held April 17-21 which included speeches by Jeremy Rifkin and Carl Oglesby. Most of issue is devoted to info on and pictures of marijuana, including typical gonzo rap by John Sinclair: "[Marijuana] promotes communalism, sharing, ego-loss, increased sensitivity to the needs lof other people, a heightened awareness of one's natural possibilities, and other traits wich (sic) will prepare people to live in the age of post-scarcity abundance."

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