N. S. R. P. chaplain named [article in] The thunderbolt, the white man's viewpoint, issue no. 39 February 1962 [with two letters of soliciation]

Birmingham AL: the newsletter, 1962. Thunderbolt newsletter, one of the cover stories, entire issue, 8p. tabloid on newsprint folded for standard envelope, browned but handleable (indeed appearing untouched), with a 3p. March l9 1962 Winrod commentary on "N. S. R. P. Chaplain named;" plus a single sheet headed "Dear friend in Christ" (same date) explaining that Winrod has been unable to seek redress from the Mississippi Lutheran Synod. Three items together plus a small selfaddressed envelope, in a torn cover bearing Pasadena address and Little Rock return.

..the three-pager first acknowledges Edward R. Fields, "fearless young Christian and a loyal patriot," Thunderbolt editor, then recounts Winrod's return "from a speaking trip which took me to Amarillo , Texas and Los Angeles, California. The California engagements were successful," he says, but "the Amarillo meeting was NOT SUCCESSFUL. My Amarillo meeting was WRECKED, but not by the American Jewish Committee or by the NKVD, but by the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY." The Birchers did not want to be associated with Winrod's gaudy antisemitism.

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