Eizu boeisen [The war to defend against AIDS]. Ichiro Watanabe.

Eizu boeisen [The war to defend against AIDS]

Tokyo: Daiseiko Shuppan, 1986. Paperback. 250p.,text in Japanese, very good trade paperback in gray wraps.

The author was a member of the Japanese Diet with a special interest in science and technology. In the preface, he discusses his experience participating in conferences in the US in 1984 and being asked repeatedly about Japan's AIDS policy; shortly thereafter AIDS became an issue in Japan, and it was realized that even "normal" people could get it, not just "homos." The author makes a case for the urgent need to devote attention to the AIDS issue and laments the climate in mid-80s Japan when he was asked if he was a "homo" by a reporter just because he wanted to pursue AIDS policy in the Diet. The book covers basic information (such as AIDS transmission routes), but the contents of the book focus mainly on policy issues: outlining the current situation in the US and comparing it to Japan, making recommendations for what can be implemented in Japan from the experience of San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities. A substantial section examines the sale of blood products and their safety; consideration is also devoted to saunas and other sex industries.

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