Eizu no joshiki [Common sense about AIDS]. Tsunetsugu Munakata.

Eizu no joshiki [Common sense about AIDS]

Tokyo: Kodansha, 1993. Paperback. 179p., very good in wraps. Text in Japanese. Kodansha gendai shinsho, no. 1130.

The author was a professor of health science at Tsukuba University. Included in a popular series of mass-market books aimed at an average readership, the book treats such questions as the possibility of an "infection explosion," the nature of AIDS, the standards of diagnosis, whether AIDS can be considered a disease associated with certain behaviors, transmission routes, strategies for AIDS prevention, and the HIV test. It also contains extensive discussion of the vicious circle of discrimination, and treats the particular example of policies implemented by an American company concerning AIDS. The book is illustrated and contains many graphs and statistics on infection as well as survey results about popular understandings of AIDS.

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