Alternate society, vol. 3, no. 6, August-September 1971. Gary Moffatt, ed.

Alternate society, vol. 3, no. 6, August-September 1971

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: 1971. 48p., wraps, illus., yellowing at binding and edges. Entire issue devoted to Moffatt's article "A History of Intentional Community: Community Heritage in Western Civilization," a broad international survey of collective communities in three traditions: Christian (Anabaptists, Sir Thomas More, Society of Friends, Moravians, Oneida), Socialist (Charles Fourier, Robert Owen, the Mormons), and Anarchist (Tolstoyan communities, Guild Socialists, Provos, Kabouters). Concludes with a rousing hymn by John Humphrey Noyes, Oneida founder and progenitor of the complex family ("We'll all have one home and one family relation"), last issue under sole editorship of Moffatt.

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