Israel's sacred terrorism; a study based on Moshe Sharett's Personal Diary and other documents. With an introduction by Noam Chomsky

Belmont, MA: Association of Arab-American University Graduates, Inc. 1980. xiii, 68p., trade-size wraps in very good condition. AAUG information paper series no. 23.

Dynamite. Wikipedia-level blurts on a par with leaks Europe sees but not disseminated in US. "On April 11, 1980, the AAUG received communication from a well-known law firm in new York requesting in the 'firmest manner possible' that we refrain from printing, publishing or otherwise reproducing portions of the Diary. The law firm acting on behalf of the family of the late Moshe Sharett and the Israeli publisher of the Diary, theatened to 'initiate prompt litigation in a Federal District Court.'" Chomsky comments that "to maintain such doctrines" (as that Israel is a 'hapless victim') "it is necessary scrupulously to avoid crucial documentation" (such as these spontaneous memoranda by Israel's early 1950s foreign minister, then Prime Minister, Sharett).

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