Sunday Ramparts, no. 4 (6-13 November 1977), No. 6 (4-11 December 1966), No. 10 (29 Jan-12 February 1967)

San Francisco, CA: Ramparts Magazine, 1966-1967. 8p, 3 issues of newspaper covering SF bay area published by this radical magazine (6-13 November 1977,4-11 December 1966, 29 Jan-12 February 1967), mild yellowing at edges, some edge wear and small tears.

Issues prominently covered include the 1966 SF newspsper printers' strike, a second wave of protests on free speech at UC Berkeley, and a"pamphlet-length" special report on UC Berkeley president Clark Kerr's firing; articles by Julian Bond on Lester Maddow, Tom Hayden on LBJ, and Robert Scheer compares the Old and New Left.

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