[Group of 31 documents from the 1983-84 internal strife that decimated the SWP and gave rise to new Trotskyist formations, including Socialist Action]

various: 1983-84. 31 documents, all on 8.5x11 inch sheets stapled at upper left corner, from the time of the notorious purge within the SWP; length ranges from a single sheet to stapled packets of 15 or more pages. All are photocopied, as originally circulated among the expelled members.

An historically interesting archive of correspondence between "expelled, 'suspended' and repelled" SWP members who were seeing the demise of the party they had worked within, for decades in some cases. Most authors use party names, but named authors include Milton Alvin, Steve Bloom, Diane Feeley, Frank Lovell, Paul LeBlanc, Nat Weinstein and others.

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