How to fight a cheap war; translated from Spanish

Oceanside CA: Will Carroll, 1973. Variously paginated totalling 76p., untrimmed, 8.5x5.5 inch mimeographed job with freehand line diagrams, copyshop black comb spine, somewhat dust- and handling-soiled. Laid in is a mimeo'd cover letter (about 240 words) asking for feedback.

Cover letter over in-plate signature of one Will Carroll, evidently translator, ongoing editor and promoter. "This book will be translated into several languages so that the People of various countries will be able to overthrow a Dictatorship;" Carroll may be author/compiler "El Soldado" himself, the Spanish language origin a fiction. The text is nothing but succinctly ordered precepts and pointers by someone steeped in the subject, a compendium of on-the-ground strategies from howto appoint officers ("the poor army can use the binary system, that is, to double each unit size for each higher leader" &c) down to particulars of digging all sorts of holes (ambush, transport, trench protection &c). Each page features multiple advisements. At random from the lengthy table of contents: "Women and alcohol. The shotgun as shoulder mortar. Your hand grenade can kill you. The .22 rifle controls seven square kilometers of ground"

Cat.No: 152150

Price: $35.00