Planned famine in America? a letter to an employee of the Purex Corporation

La Habra, CA: author [who publishes as Orange Tree Press], 1970. 13p., staplebound 7x4 inch wraps printed black on orange; evidently the first edition, later expanded. This copy bears much sloppy underlining in ballpoint, tiny sticker on cover possibly as issued (color match), a clean crisp copy in all other respects. Ramirez rants that Cesar Chavez' organizing is the opening salvo of a state/big biz strategy of tension (huge forest fires, bombings, attacks on police, imminent destruction of food warehouses and water sources, youth culture (encouraged surreptitiously we must assume) defeat of law enforcement) that will by '75 result in global "communazism" with Russia the big winner.

Ramirez addresses a Purex executive who has just instituted a million-plus suit against him and his wife (Orange Tree Press).

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