Breast Cancer Action Newsletter (March/April 2000-September/October 2003) and Annual Reports (2000-2001)

San Francisco: Breast Cancer Action, 2000-2003. Run of Breast Cancer Acation newlstter from March/April 2000 to March/April 2003 plus September/October 2003 issue. Issues Jan/Feb 2000, May/June 2003, July/August 2003, and Nov/Dec 2003 missing. Includes inserts on resources, education, and specific drugs as well as contribution envelopes. Collection also includes annual reports for 2000 and 2001 documenting organizational staff and Board of Directors, annual accomplishments, and supporters lists.

BCA founded in 1990 by breast cancer patients seeking to "transform breast cancer from a private medical crisis to a public health emergency." The group emphasizes environmental causes and preventative action, the questionable practices of pharmaceutical companies which produce cancer drugs, problems with breast implants, and combining a holistic approach (western and complementary therapies).

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