La vida de dos novios; The life of two sweethearts; La vie de deux amoureux

Santa Fe, NM: John Muir Publications, 1972. 61p. (plus charming publisher's ad), color illustrations throughout with handlettered text in Spanish, each such page facing printed translations in English and French; first edition. 9x6 inch softcover with rounded forecorners. Mild external handling soil, front hinge a little cracked.

Vinaver, born 1959 in France, at writing had moved to Mexico. He plainly traveled a lot, read a lot, had many ideas about medical procedures, sexual activity, being a baby, growing old. Pix are thronged with persons, genitals (bathroom wall type), activities, settings. Wonder where he is now! Sample Englished texts: "Caleo and Fersia [the sweethearts] were now a little dingy but well preserved and their homosexual son or daughter having married the god of the good people and it isn't known how they managed it, but the truth is that they had their little string of kids and from time to time Satan cooked one [illustration here shows Satan, but he isn't cooking] and so time passed until Caleo broke his backbone and had to use a cane [character being screwed by Satan has a large thought balloon of Caleo humpbacked with cane] and he went to a chiropractor whose name was Gastane and who fixed backs." Vinaver continues storyline through the sweethearts' deaths; they stay in their graves (not going to hell or heaven) but meet Dracula. The End. Copyright page notes exclusive distribution by Bookpeople of Berkeley.

Cat.No: 151479

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