Otto ga otoko ni koi o shita [My husband fell in love with a man]. Beathorice.

Otto ga otoko ni koi o shita [My husband fell in love with a man]

Tokyo: Daiyamondo-sha, 2007. 250p., very good in wraps. Text in Japanese.

Paperback with intact obi (noting that the book is adapted from a blog that is about a true, and forbidden, story). Based on the story of a Japanese woman in her early 30s who lived in Tokyo, the mother of two girls (five and two years old), who one night seven years into her marriage discovered that her husband had a male lover, a younger co-worker. She started writing the blog because she could not deal with the matter on her own and wanted an outlet and others' advice - though the frames of the blog (dates, links, quotes, comments etc) have been excised, the text still preserves some reference to comments from blog readers, quotations from their emails to her, etc. The book traces her confrontation with her husband and the young man, how she learned about homosexuality in the process, how she came to terms with her situation and figured out with her husband (and the young man) how they are going to proceed. In the process, she became interested in and sympathetic to the young man, with whom she also corresponded and met regularly.

Cat.No: 151282
ISBN: 9784478002629

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