Eizu wa jinrui o horobosu ka [Will AIDS destroy the human race?]. Yuji Watanabe.

Eizu wa jinrui o horobosu ka [Will AIDS destroy the human race?]

Tokyo: Jiji Tsushinsha, 1986. Paperback. 214 p., text in Japanese, very good first edition paperback original in orange wraps with blue band.

Cover says the book will answer question of why AIDS suddenly appeared now, why it spread among "homos and drug users," will show how AIDS is a disease of modern civilization that serves as a warning to modern people who are living an unnatural life. Contents: AIDS reveals America's underside (lit. "naughty bits"); why did AIDS appear now? ; the sexual revolution and the gay liberation movements and how they spread AIDS; 20 pp section on AIDS among Japanese homosexuals that ends with "Homosexuals should restrain themselves"; how AIDS is supposedly rare in Europe and common in America since the latter made mistake of allowing sexual revolution; a chapter on viruses and how mankind cannot violate the principles of nature; a chapter on how AIDS reveals the deviations of modern society - some discussion of discrimination against AIDS patients, also how homos are hidden in Japanese society; a chapter on AIDS policies in Japan (testing, clinics, Ministry of Health, etc). Author is freelance writer.

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ISBN: 4788786354

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