Eizu: nazo kyofu no shokogun [AIDS: a mysterious and terrifying syndrome]. Hiromi Matsui.

Eizu: nazo kyofu no shokogun [AIDS: a mysterious and terrifying syndrome]

Tokyo: Toyodo Kikaku Shuppansha, 1985. Paperback. 137p., text in Japanese, very good trade paperback in wraps, "revised and expanded" second edition, oddly shorter than the first! Same ISBN as earlier edition despite significantly altered content.

Author is a Japanese PhD of medicine. She writes about her interest in the mysterious disease of AIDS, how the pathogen is still undetermined, how there are various theories (Pentagon product, Soviet plot, anti-gay, etc). Contents: What is AIDS (this mysterious and terrifying syndrome); the AIDS situation today: the anxiety of US, Canada, Europe; The risk of AIDS in Japan: strategies for blocking contamination routes; what causes AIDS, and are there ways to treat it. Interspersed are one page "AIDS Report" essays by Nishioka Kusuya (who directed the Viral Hepatitis Research Center of WHO and also headed a research group called Rinsho Igaku Sogo Kenkyujo [General Research Institute in Clinical Medicine]). Lots of B&W photographs (many taken from Der Spiegel for some reason). Includes some ill-advised comments quoting Japanese experts (in the medical world and in gay circles) who think that Asians probably have a natural resistance to AIDS, that Japan’s homosexuals need not worry because they engage in sex of a very different nature from the "hard fuck" (p 80) and "fuck of violence" (p 81) in gay America - the Japanese tradition ostensibly rooted instead in monogamous medieval samurai traditions. Up through the book’s final chapter (i.e. the content corresponding to first ed), there is serious consideration that Japan is somehow safe from AIDS; yet the final chapter discusses the 1985 announcement of the first AIDS case in Japan, a 36 year old gay male Japanese artist who had lived in US for 10+ years.

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