The poor Whites of the South. George M. Weston.

The poor Whites of the South

Washington, DC: Buell and Blanchard, Printers, 1856. 7p., self-wraps, disbound, foxing.

An interesting acknowledgment of the effects of slavery on the economic well-being of poor white workers, in which the author proposes solutions to improve the lives of white laborers while affirming the slave system. Weston cites various authorities to the effect that the existence of Slavery enables capital to control white labor as well as black, by the power which it retains to substitute the latter, when the former becomes unruly. However, rather than arguing for the abolition of slavery to protect wage levels, he calls for the construction of manufacturing communities whereby the poor white population may be gainfully employed at higher wages, so that white workers can become sufficiently wealthy to purchase slaves of their own, actually raising the demand for slaves and strengthening that institution. Weston, the author, was for some time the editor of The Age, the leading Democratic paper in the State of Maine - cover blurb.

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