SWP discussion bulletin, vol. 24, no. 26 (June, 1963)

New York: Socialist Workers Party, 1963. 31p., wraps, mimeographed on one side only, 8.5x11 inches.

Contents: Correcting wrong attitudes toward the Negro struggle by C. De Bruce (Clifton DeBerry), The white radical-left on trial [A response to Robert F. Williams' assertion that liberals and white activists are being "left in the dust" by the speed of Black radicalization] by R. Vernon, Amendments to the P.C. draft-resolution "Freedom Now," submitted by Fred Mazelis for the Reorganized Minority Tendency, Criticism of the 1963 P.C. draft resolution by Joseph Johnson, Towards rebirth of the Fourth International (draft resolution on the world movement), submitted for the minority by Shane Mage, James Robertson and Geoffrey White.

Cat.No: 147341

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