Minority report of Minorities Committee: Subject: Scandinavian baiting and discrimination against Norwegians and Swedes

[California]: n.d. Single 8.5x11 inch mimeographed handbill, mildly foxed.

Tongue-in-cheek leaflet distributed at a California state CIO convention where Halling was a candidate for Secretary-Treasurer, demanding "that this convention go on record as condemning any delegate who votes against Bjorne Halling as a Scandinavian baiter of the most reprehensible kind," further demanding that the CIO pay for a new altar for the Swedish Lutheran Church in Oakland and give Scandinavians higher per diem expenses than other delegates at the convention. "As everyone knows Swedes have never been and are not today anywhere near as fine people as Norwegians. However, for purposes of unity the Norwegians on this sub-committee have temporarily associated themselves with the Swedes in presenting this resolution." Goes on to note that "So far as we Norwegians and Swedes are concerned, Dane baiting is o.k." Halling, who died in 1979, was an actual labor organizer who corresponded with Karl Yoneda. Other signatories include Ole Fagerhaugh, later defended by Robert Treuhaft against communist subversion charges.

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