Russian labour review. Nos. 1-4

Moscow; Berkeley: Labour Information Centre "KAS-KOR" 1993-1995. Four issues of the journal, published in Moscow for the first two issues and transferred to Berkeley. Size ranges from 7x10.5 inches to 8.5x11 inches, various paginations and formats, all very good. Also included is issue 5 of Independent Politics, which features articles by some of the Russian writers of RLR, with first-hand reports on the situation in Moscow by Alex Chis and others.

Articles cover contemporary developments in the Russian labor movement, the war in Chechnya, the emergence of neo-fascism, as well as exposés of anti-labor suppression during the Soviet period. Begun by Anarchists and continued with Trotskyist collaboration; after the move to Berkeley Alex Chis was the international coordinator.

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