The spies that got away; plus more prison secrets [cover articles from Inside Story no 8 March/April 1973

London: Inside Story / Alternative Publishing, 1973. [32]p., text typewriter-set with scattered photos and other illustrations; 11.5x8 inch decorated wraps of light cardstock, nice copy.

Cover story introduction observes that "This Easter is the 10th anniversary of the Spies for Peace. Their achievement was to discover and publish documents describing the plans which had been made for ruling Britain in the event of nuclear war - and also the way these plans had been tested in two NATO exercises during 1962.The moral of the discovery was that the plans, which were undoubtedly known to the governments of foreign countries, were being kept secret from the people of this country - and that they would not work. The Spies for Peace were never caught: here for the first time is a full account of how they carried out their action and avoided detection:.

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