The public eye, vol. 1 no. 2* April, 1978. Harvey Kahn.

The public eye, vol. 1 no. 2* April, 1978

Washington D. C. Repression Information Project, 1978. 56p., slightly worn wraps, pen underlining of one sentence, paper slightly browned, 7x9 inches.

A special edition focussed on recent Freedom of Information Act releases. Includes article by editor Kahn and Sheila O'Donnell on LEIU, LEAA and IOCI police intelligence systems (8p.), Mark Ryter on COINTELPRO (11p., sidebar lists twenty tactical ploys starting with ridicule and planted squibs), Tim Butz on surveillance of the anti-nuke movement (8p.), and William Steiner, 6p. how "anti-terror" activities are becoming bureaucratized. Not to be missed is the full-page ad for "Stoned zombies for LaRouche" t-shirts.

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