Membership application: National Association for the Abolition of Caucasian People (NAACP)

n.p. [196-]. Single legal-size sheet, mimeographed on one side, bears mild crumpling and a small corner crease, also three neat horizontal fold creases.

Racist parody of an NAACP membership application, written in pseudo-Black dialect, dating to early 1960s. Sample questions: "Name of father (if known)," "Give approximate estimate of income: from theft _ , relief _ , unemployment _ (if you has income from any other source, explain)," and other classics of intellectual humor that can still be found today circulating on anti-Obama websites. After 19 questions and a sworn statement, the applicant is invited to "Make yo mark heah." A few anti-Semitic digs mixed in, such as spaces to indicate membership in the Anti-Defamation League or to use Felix Frankfurter as a reference.

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