Queer mysteries. David Cannon Dashiell, , Nayland Blake, Rebecca Solnit.

Queer mysteries

San Francisco: the artist, 1993. Paperback. Boxed set of six items accompanying an exhibition of Queer art by Dashiell. Includes a 16 page booklet of essays by Solnit and Blake, an 8-panel brochure of the exhibition, 3 printed cards with the Roman numeral I, II, II printed with text overlaid and a foldout study for Queer Mysteries. Wrapped in yellow wrapper and contained in the cardboard box with a wraparound band, very good condition. Limited to 1000 copies.

The boxed set accompaned a show of Dashiell's 28 acrylic panels depicting a homoerotic scene.

Cat.No: 13638
ISBN: 0930495209

Price: $35.00