[Handwritten letter on professional stationery to Sallie Holley, March 5, 1878]

Boston, MA: the author, 1878. Single sheet, 7.5x9.75 inches, bottom edge slightly dust-soiled with the very point of the bottom left corner missing. Handwritten letter in pen on Wright's actuarial stationery, filling one side of the sheet, referring to receipt of anti-Masonic materials. Bookseller's pencil notation in upper right corner.

Wright, a mathematician and insurance actuary, was a prominent activist and publisher in the abolitionist movement and was part of the abolitionist strain that saw secret societies, such as the Masons, as enemies of human liberty. Holley, described in an 1893 obituary as "one of the foremost workers against slavery and a lifelong friend of the colored race," was the daughter of Myron Holley, a leader of the Liberty Party.

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