The shadow-eater

New York: Willmarth Publishing/Albert & Charles Boni, 1917. 59p., 5x7.5 inches, reissue of the 1915 Albert and Charles Boni limited using the Boni plates including the incorrect statement that it is a limited first edition, personal gift inscription by someone other than the poet to George Fawcett, possibly the actor, date 1918, unopened pages, lightly-worn pink boards with paper title label affixed front.

De Casseres was a fairly arrogant journalist and film and theatre critic who was friends with Don Marquis (who wrote the preface for the 1923 illustrated edition of this, his first book) I say fairly arrogant based on two quotes of his:
"I never read women writers...because I think in the arts women 'do not belong.' Sex is their art; let them stick to it." ("A Self-Interview" Contempo I.9 Sept. 15, 1931. p. 1)
"When Sinclair (Lewis) is dead he's dead; when I die I'm immortal." ("To the Editors" Contempo I. 12. Nov. 15, 1931 p. 2).
He was also a correspondent with Clarke Ashton Smith, his style and subject matter is very much akin to the works of Smith and Lovecraft who came later.

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