Report of court proceedings in the case of the anti-soviet Trotskyite centre, heard before the Military collegium of the Supreme court of the U. S. S. R., Moscow, January 23-30, 1937. In re: Y. L. Pyatakov, K. B. Radek, G. Y. Sokolnikov, L. P. Serebryakov, N. I. Muralov, Y. A. Livshitz, Y. N. Drobnis, M. S. Boguslavsky, I. A. Knyazev, S. A. Rataichak, B. O. Norkin, A. A. Shestov, M. S. Stroilov, Y. D. Turok, I. Y. Hrasche, G. E. Pushin, V. V. Arnold, accused of treason against the country, espionage acts of diversion, wrecking activities and the preparation of terrorist acts, i. e., of crimes covered by articles 58(1a), 58(8), 58(9) and 58(11) of the Criminal code of the R. S. F. S. R. Verbatim report.

Moscow: People's Commissariat of Justice, 1937. Hardcover. 580p., a bit worn with some edgewear on boards.

Lengthy transcript of the gruesome show-trial in which accused Trotskyists confessed to treason and cooperation with the Nazis. Comes complete with a Stalinist happy ending (the accused plead for mercy, then are sentenced to be shot).

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