Results of the Serf Emancipation in Russia. Rev. J. Lang.

Results of the Serf Emancipation in Russia

New York: Loyal Publication Society, 1864. 8p., wraps, slight edge chipping and browning.

Report on the aftermath of the czar's abolition of serfdom, from which the author says "the anti-slavery cause receives powerful encouragement..." "American slavery has lasted a long time, and is still a fearful blot; but in Russia we have, in the short space of two years, the emancipation of 23,000,000 of a fine race of peasants, who are, physically and mentally, superior to the negro race. The influence and example of these emancipated serfs will operate on the world, and will show that, while so beneficial a revolution has taken place in Russia, other countries may learn to 'go and do likewise.'"

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