[Three items]. Kutcher Civil Rights Committee. Southern California.

[Three items]

New York: the Committee, [1949-51]. Group includes the following: "The case of the legless veteran: James Kutcher," single sheet folded once to make 4x9 inch pamphlet, creased; "The Kutcher Case," reprint of a Washington Post article from 1950, on an 8.5x11 inch broadside; and an open letter from George Novack dated June, 1951, asking for funds as Kutcher's court case draws near, also on 8.5x11 inch sheet.

Materials from the case of the Purple Heart awardee who lost both legs in Italy during WW II and lost his job at the Veterans Administration in April, 1949 because of membership in the Socialist Workers Party. "The case of the legless veteran" includes words of support from Norman Mailer, the ACLU, American Legion, New York Post, and others. The National Committee roster includes John Dewey, Norman Mailer, Bill Mauldin, AJ Muste, Max Shachtman, IF Stone and others.

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