An open letter to the faculty

[Santa Cruz, CA]: self published, n.d. Single page handbill, densely printed on one side, slightly yellowing along horizontal fold. Found laid into a copy of "The University of California as nine unnatural acts," and written in similar style.

Extraordinarily crass leaflet celebrating the suicides of two UCSC professors and offering suggestions for the next. "We REJOICE - not in the deaths of two men, whom we loved, but in the destruction of two Professors, two pieces of academic shit." "Why don't more of you snivelling androgynes do yourselves in?" Offers the name of another faculty member involved in the production of defoliants used in Vietnam, who should do himself in by taking a bath in his own products. "You, [name], are guilty of crimes against the people. Execute yourself. We will not soil our hands by doing it for you."

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