In my father's house, the story of the Layton family and the reverend Jim Jones, with Deborah Layton, Laurence L. Layton, and Annalisa Layton Valentine

New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1981. xx, 361p., several photo insert sections (mostly family snapshots, indifferently reproduced), first edition clothbacked boards in glossy dj. Slight signs of handling and age.

One of the family snapshots shows the pater standing suit and tie in the middle of nowhere; he is surveying an immense empty tract of Dugway, mountains ten or twenty miles away. The caption reads, "Laurence L. Layton after arriving in Utah as the new chief of chemical warfare at the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Grounds, late 1954." Social control paranoia has it that it is no accident he links to Jonestown, that it was a social control experiment and he was one of the architects and monitors of it. That his wife died there was, in the conspiracy scenario, not a matter of pater getting rid of mater, but that Lisa went down to Guyana already suffering with something irremedial such as cancer (not too hard to get cancer, living in Utah), spent her last year with shoulder to the National Security wheel.

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ISBN: 0030533961

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