The public eye, vol. 1 no. 2* April, 1978. Harvey Kahn.

The public eye, vol. 1 no. 2* April, 1978

Washington D. C. Repression Information Project, 1978. 56p., slightly worn wraps, mild signs of handling within, paper slightly browned, 7x9 inches.

A special edition focussed on recent Freedom of Information Act releases. Find editor Kahn and Sheila O'Donnell on LEIU, LEAA and IOCI police intelligence systems (8p.) // Noam Chomsky gives his imprimatur to this issue (3p.) // Mark Ryter on COINTELPRO (11p., sidebar lists twenty tactical ploys starting with ridicule and planted squibs) // Chip Berlet on media cooperation with COINTELPRO (11p., includes list of 28 complaisant media in New Haven CT) // Tim Butz on surveillance of the anti-nuke movement (8p.) // William Steiner, 6p. how "anti-terror" activities are becoming bureaucratized.

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