Whence the threat to peace second edition, supplemented

Moscow: Military Publishing House, USSR Ministry of Defense, 1982. 94p., coated paperstock, color photos, linedrawn maps throughout, 10 x 8 inch wraps; mild edgewear, mark at bottom right from former price sticker.

Plates reproduced from US sources, fighter planes, a variety of missiles, other weaponry and support vehicles, a handy assemblage. Text charges US first-strike intent and planning, a strategy that in the late 80s became known as Air-Land Battle 2000, this being US planners' terminology.
Air-Land proved not to be necessary, or served its purpose, and "we" are now embarked on Joint Vision 2020, per a recent NYT article on surveillance technology, especially advanced robot aircraft (now under development or up for bid) that will roam US airspace as the Predator has been crisscrossing Afghanistan's.

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