California Marijuana Initiative materials

San Francisco and Los Angeles: CMI, 1970s. 5 items: 1. an 8 page article reprinted from the October 1969 issue of Playboy by Joel Fort, M.D. titled "Pot: a rational approach" 2. a 6-panel 8.5x11 inch CMI Newsletter, volume 1, issue 1, March 19, 1973. 3. an 8.5x14 inch "The Home Grown Communique; volume 1, 1973" newsletter from Marin CMI printed both sides, folded. 4. an 8x14 inch handbill printed one side, folded for the Initiative. 5. an 8.5x11 inch handbill stapled to a cover sheet folded to 8.5x3.75 inches.

Cat.No: 120014

Price: $75.00