Radical perspectives on the economic crisis of monopoly capitalism, with suggestions for organizing teach-ins and teach-outs

New York: Union for Radical Political Economics, 1975. 193 p., 11x8.5 inches, wraps with browned pages, several small spots on front cover, some stains on rear cover. Tight binding. Political Education and Action Publication.

Contains excellent papers and overview of Marxian crisis theory, applied to the 1970s crisis of stagflation. See also URPE's later collections, most recently "Political Economy and Contemporary Capitlaism" edited by Boushey et. al. An excellent (essentially) URPE political economy of U.S. capitalism is "The Capitalist System" (third edition) edited by Edwards, et. al. URPE's journal "The Review of Radical Political Economics" (SAGE) publishes high quality work in political economy, although much of it would not be easily accessible to non-economists. An excellent comparative economics textbook covering both neoclassical and Marxian political-economics is Hunt and Sherman's "Economics: An Introduction to Traditional and Radical Views". Hunt and Sherman were part of the first generation of URPE political economists. An excellent history of thought text is Hunt's "History of Economic Thought: A Critical Perspective"

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