The new technology of repression: lessons from Ireland. British Society for Social Responsibility in Science.

The new technology of repression: lessons from Ireland

Nottingham, England: the society, 1974. 52p., staplebound 8x6 inch cardstock wraps, cover decorated with a photo of riot police, a cannister of CS (overprinted in red, suitable for framing) on the back. Slight signs of crimping and handling, paper has turned a fraction brown. B S S R S paper 2.

From the table of contents : The theory of repression. Water cannon. CS gas. Enter the army. Rubber bullets. Internment and interrogation. The welfare state and counter insurgency. Future weapons. Interrogation and intelligence techniques of the future. // From p.29 : "The British methods of 1971 were however more severe than those of the KGB [of the well-documented 1930s purges]. In particular, the KGB achieved isolation by placing the prisoner in a featureless, relatively silent room, and making him continuously face the same way. In Northern Ireland, isolation was achieved by" &c &c. "The Russian methods are the culmination of the break-down methods gradually developed during the long history of the craft of interrogation; the methods used in Ireland result from the scientific analysis and hence the perfecting of the earlier cruder methods. Isolation is extrapolated to its limit by" &c &c.

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