Can we avoid the next holocaust?

Abilene, TX: Books-A-HOY, Publishers, Inc. 1996. a - f, 1-328p., eccentric typography, numerous vignette concentration camp pix from archival sources, glossy black wraps photodecorated (Bergen Belsen scene front cover, author back cover), first edition; very good.

Calls for return to Mosaic laws, all 613 of these, plus resuming the correct pronounciation of YHWH, very important, Yahweh touchy on this particular. Jews fallen away from truth, Jesuits engineering destruction of Israel / Israyl. Sample text, from p.318 : "As I sit here in my small 'bomb shelter' called an apartment, in the more elite part of Jerusalem, writing this book to all Israylites and their children, I see GREAT SINS being committed throughout the land. Sin is the BREAKING OF YAHWEH'S LAWS -- ANY ONE OF THE 613 LAWS given to us and to our children. These perfect Laws have been given to us so that we may KNOW HOW TO BECOME HOLY as Yahweh is Holy." Hawkins attempts a modern prophetic voice, manages to sound (at first exposure) more like a redneck ANTI-Semite.

Cat.No: 118134
ISBN: 0964961806

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