White stones, white planets and individual freedom under universal law

Blair NB: author, 1963. xi, 113p., professionally printed text under a blank cover sheet, as it were self-wraps, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, punch-holed and fastened with screw-head bolts, as issued. Library accession stamp on the blank facesheet, no other markings, somewhat edgeworn with a tiny tear. Economics series, J. T. White, author.

The eccentric fastening is designed to accommodate authorial changes in the text as his thoughts change, p.xi an application blank to send in for projected modifications. "There is no final form for this book and it will be amended and re-written from time to time." The remarkably lucid (lucidly written) text is sort of premature postmodernism plus Maslovian notions of self-realization (but Maslow is not cited); it starts off with thoughts on psychological "integration" and an exemplary list of partially or fully integrated persons in recent history, such as Johann Goethe, Walt Whitman, Kipling, Edison, Carnegie, Genghis Khan, Rin Tin Tin, Hoot Gibson, Shirley Temple and William Shakespeare. Rinty made the list because "he knew but could not tell," Hoot for "his good heart." Pages 51-91 set forth a "Constitution and By-Laws of the Association for the Development of the Individual." White does not appear to have been influenced by drug use or any intimation of what the 1960s would bring, instead (where references crop up) to late 19th / early 20th century visionaries like Whitman and Arthur Brisbane. No whiff of Korzybsky or the null-A stuff it slightly resembles.

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