Fact, an antidote to the timidity and corruption of the American press, volume three issue six, Who killed Kennedy? November - December 1966

New York: Fact Magazine, Inc. 1966. 64p., newsprint magazine, 11 x 8.5 inches, paperstock is somewhat browned and there is smeary print (sloppy production) on three pages making these hard to read while not illegible. Fountain-pen smears on the cover and contents page, light foxing and signs of handling.

Forty-one involved and uninvolved public personalities give opinions in brief. Kerry Thornley and Renatus Hartogs seem to restate their most recently recorded attitudes especially for FACT, Hartogs pushing his Oswald was violent at age twelve stuff especially hard. Arthur Miller thinks the withholding of the X-rays very suspicious. John Updike is "puzzled" and pretends to have read critical books and found them even less plausible than the Report. Orson Bean the comedian and Reichian psychiatry promoter thinks Oswald was so pathetic a wretch he must have been the shooter. Fred Cook the FBI whistleblower talked to "expert riflemen, hunters, people familiar with guns" who unanimously smelt a rat. George Lincoln Rockwell has an antisemitic take and intimates he's going to run in '72. J. I. Rodale blames sugar intake. Also find musicians Artie Shaw and Tom Paxton, novelist John Rechy, comedian Godfrey Cambridge (the sole African American quoted here). Other articles relate to artificial sweeteners, an ex-CIA man Howard Koch defecting to Russia in 1965, Sally Belfrage on the Scottsboro boys today, and best of all five pages of psychiatrist jokes.

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