Who flouts the olympic ideals? decision of the USSR national olympic committee on the impossibility of participation by Soviet athletes in the 23rd olympic games in Los Angeles

Moscow: Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, 1984. [64]p., a few press pix, 7.5 x 5 inch booklet, mildly worn and creased with an accession stamp (provenance on request).

Korean Air flight 007 had just been downed. Elsewhere, the Russians stipulated that they did it; it goes unmentioned here. The ensuing anti-Soviet propaganda barrage the Reagan administration parlayed into big bucks a and relaxation of no-nos, and the American press and citizenry became very rude indeed. Popov and Srebnitsky discuss fears that "500 CIA and FBI officers.. plan to launch provocations" such as framing Soviet athletes for shoplifting, see p.27 and passim. Two US propaganda images are reproduced, a panorama of US ICBMs behind a "Beat Russia" t-shirt wearer; and a cartoon of eagle standing upon bear ("Sam the Eagle..fiercely claws at good-natured Misha the Bear").

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