" Faithfully execute the laws" (part II) (a study of the constitutional crisis presented by Irangate and contragate and of the laws which were broken or evaded therein)

Clifton, NJ: author, September 12, 1987. iv, p.131-335 illustrated with several facsimiles, reproduced recto from typescript in copyshop binding, black plastic spine with a clear acetate coversheet. The acetate leaf has a large stubborn crease, titlepage affected, lower cover somewhat scraped. Rubberstamped "Reference center for marxist studies" at a New York address (provenance on request).

Crystal reproduces an Alexander Cockburn article and comments, "Blunt as [Cockburn's] indictment of the secret activities of the National Security Council is it fails nervertheless to go far enough. It is uncertain whether we are dealing in Irangate and Contragate with National Security Council covert efforts per se or instead with such efforts directed and sponsored by the CIA itself. One misses the whole picture if one concentrates solely and exclusively on Iran and the contras in therir war wtih Nicaragua."

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