New Left Review No. 137, January-February, 1983 to No. 142, November-December, 1983

London, England: New Left Review Ltd, 1983. Six issues, complete run for 1983. All are 6x9 inches, in very good condition.

The New Left Review (NLR) was founded in 1960 in the England after the editors of the New Reasoner and the Universities and Left Review combined boards. NLR aspired to work towards the reestablishment of socialism as a viable force in English working-class politics. The journal was initially edited by Stuart Hall, who was replaced in 1962 by Perry Anderson, who expanded NLR's focus to Western Marxism. Robin Blackburn took over from Anderson in 1983 and continued until a redesign and relaunch in 2000 when Perry Anderson resumed the editorship. Some of the articles in this 1981 run include The Freeze vs Reagan by Alexander Cockburn and James Ridgeway, Gidden's Critique of Marx by Erik Olin Wright, Marx's Children by Yvonne Kapp, Trotsky on Stalinism by Perry Anderson, Hammett and Hemingway by Ken Worpole, Language or Labour? by Len Doyle Roger Harris, Socialism and Nuclear War by Ernest Mandel, The Master-Slave Relationship by Chris Arthur, and many more.

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