Telos No. 35, Spring, 1978 to No. 38, Winter, 1978-1979.

St. Louis, MO: Telos Press Ltd. 1978. Four issues, complete run for 1978. All are 6x8.75 inches, in very good condition.

"A quarterly journal of radical thought". Founded by Paul Piccone (1940-2004) in 1968 while a doctoral student in philosophy at the State University of New York, Buffalo. After earning his doctorate in 1970, he moved to St. Louis for a teaching job, then moved to New York City after not getting tenure. With Piccone as editor, and a number of fellow Buffalo philosophy graduate students and others serving as editorial associates, Telos began publishing important translations (many for the first time), philosophical articles and reviews promoting the Western Marxist tradition, including Frankfurt School critical theory, Phenomenological Marxism, and Marxist Humanism. In the early 1980's Telos began to publish articles that reflected an openness to conservative philosophical and political thought , signaling for many an editorial shift to the political "right" by, for example, publishing articles by and about Carl Schmidt, etc.

Numerous substantial articles in this year include Andrew Arato on understanding bureaucratic capitalism, Theodor Adorno on the social situation of music (translated for the first time into English) and "on culture and administration", a review by Mildred Bakan on Karel Kosic's Dialectics of the Concrete, Norberto Bobbio on the Marxist theory of the State, Murray Bookchin on "Beyond Neo-Marxism", Antonio Carlo on crisis in Yugoslavia, Martin Plaut on positivism in Nicos Poulantzas, reviews on Foucault's "Discipline and Punish" and "Language, Counter-Memory, and Practice", Joel Kovel on rationalization and the family, Rainer Traub on Taylorism in the early Soviet Union, Laura Boella on Agnes Heller's theory of need, Cornelius Castoriadis on the social regime in Russia, Mihaly Vajda on Lukacs' and Husserl's critiques of science, review of Raymond Williams' "Marxism and Literature", etc.

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