The realist [unnumbered supplement]; December, 1968. A day in the life of an Oakland Seven, by Reese Erlich

New York: the every-other-monthly, 1968. Single folio leaf folded once to make 4p., printed double-column on newsprint, a bit browned with a tiny tear, 8.25x10.75 inches.

Editorial note says "Funds are urgently needed to aid in the defense of the Oakland Seven. Send what you can afford to.." Reese Erlich's text runs about a thousand words, less than half the total, the remainder devoted to Edmund Levin imagining how media will treat the inevitable first astronaut death, and some bits & pieces. // FYI, just like Realist numbers that have been coded with a letter added, this issue is a not-for-sale supplement issued free to subscribers, this one not coded either because it is a fund-raiser, or because at this point in time the supplements were experimental.

Cat.No: 106084

Price: $12.00